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Bundle #1 - $100

Unlimited Coding Services & 2021/22 North  America BMW Navigation Maps 

Bundle #2 - $100                                              

Unlimited Coding Services & Enhanced Bluetooth

Bundle #3 - $140

Unlimited Coding Services, Enhanced Bluetooth & 2021/22 North America BMW Navigation Maps

Bundle #4 - $200

Unlimited Coding Services, Enhanced Bluetooth, 2021/22 North America BMW Navigation Map & LED Fog Lights (installed)


Battery Reset & Registration                $30

Enhanced Bluetooth                                  $50

Sport Automatic Transmission            $50 

Standalone Feature Coding                   $20

Service Diagnostics                                   $20

Engine Tuning - Bootmod3                  $780

Transmission Tuning - xHP                 $450

LED Angel Eyes & Fog Lights                $70

Red Push to Start Buttons                      $30

Coding Options

1) DVD In Motion (Navigation Required) iDrive


2) Enable Video Playback Via USB Port (NBT Navigation Only). Video Playback Possible from USB Flash Drive/SSD Hard-drive/Android Devices


3) Allow the Ability to Add New Devices (Phone, iPod) to the System While Driving


4) Enable Blind Spot Detection to Be Active From 12mph Instead Of 30mph


5) Enable the Ability to Use Office Functionality While Driving (Requires BMW Office)


6) Turn on Zoom Feature for Rear View Camera


7) Disable Legal Disclaimers (Startup, Cameras, Etc.)


8) F30/F32: Enable rear fog lights *premium option*

9) Enable Torque & Power Meters In iDrive


10) Enable Tire Pressure & Temperature Readings In iDrive


11) Transfer Phone’s Ringtone to Vehicle (Only Works With iPhones)


12) Change US Nav Voice to UK Nav Voice


13) Enable ///M Logo on Startup, Instead BMW Logo – (Default On ///M Cars) (NBT Only)


14) Change BMW Sounds/Gongs to Mini, Rolls Royce or BMWi (NBT Navigation Only)


15) Enable the Ability to Read Full Texts/Emails (As Opposed to First 3 Lines) – Requires BMW Office


16) Disable Active Sound


17) Change NBT EVO version from ID5 to ID6 (Tiles view)


18) Seat Belt Chime Modifications


19) Disable Seat Belt Butlers


20) Close Windows & Sunroof with Key Fob


21) Fold/Unfold Side Mirrors with Key Fob & Comfort Access


22) Fold Side Mirrors as Soon as The Vehicle Is Locked


23) Disable Window Safety (Allows One Touch Up Window Operation W/Door Open)


24) Enable LED present for lights around your BMW such as brake light bulbs, turn signals, reverse lights, fog lights (this will eliminate flickers and and cold/warm checks)

 25) Unlock Doors When Car Is Turned Off

26) Radio/Navigation Turns Off When Door is Opened (After Pressing Stop Button Once)


27) Close Trunk from Key & Interior Button (F31, F34, F36 Only)


28) Disable Top Speed Restriction for Opening/Closing Convertible Top

29) Disable Auto Start/Stop (A.S.S) OR Code It to Last Memory Setting


30) Disable Angel Eye Dimming (When Low Beams Are Turned On)

31) Enable Car to Start in Eco-Pro Mode by Default


32) Sport Automatic Transmission (smoother shifts and enables Sport+) *premium option*


33) Enable Taillights as DRLs, In Addition to Angel Eyes


34) Enable Fog Lights as Welcome Lights


35) Disable Side-markers (Still Work as Turn Signals)


36) Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously


37) Change ‘One Touch’ Lane Change Count From 3 Blinks to (4,5,6 etc.)


38) Enable Brake Force Braking (Flashing Taillights Activated with Heavy Braking)


39) Enable Door Handle Lights to Come on When Car Is Put in Reverse


40) Disable Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors


41) Enable Fog Light Functionality While the Light Switch is in The Parking Light Position


42) Disable Fogs from Turning on When You Are Turning Left & Right


43) Disable Headlight Washers


44) Change Amount of Sprays for Headlights Washers From 2 To 3


45) Enable Digital Speedometer 


46) Enable ///M Performance Logo in The Gauge Cluster (Need 6WA Cluster)

47) Always Remember Seat Heating & Cooling Memory Upon Vehicle Start 


48) Change Fuel Level Reserve Warning


49) Disable Top Speed Restriction for Cameras (Can Be Used While Driving)


50) Disable AC/Climate from Automatically Turning on When Car Is Started


51) Pressing ‘Auto’ On the Climate Control Does Not Activate AC

52) Add New Ambient Lighting Colours on X5/X6 F-Series (Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Green, etc.)


53) F30/F32: Enable rear fog lights *premium option*


54) EDC delete for M Adaptive suspension (fixes comfort mode lock due to coilovers) *premium option*


55) F30 LCI tail lights coding *premium option*


56) Enable 2014 version of the Eco Pro gauges for pre 2014 F-Series vehicles


57) Disable SOS malfunction on F-Series vehicles


58) Enable paddle shifters for steering wheel retrofits *premium option*


59) Enable launch control *premium option* (included in sport automatic transmission activation)

60) Premium Sound Activation - Change Harmon & Kardon to Bang & Olufsen 

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