Exterior Packages

Paint Correction*

Stage 1 Includes:

  • ​Hand Wash & Clay Bar Treatment

  • Rims Cleaned

  • Decontamination 

  • Light-Medium Swirl Mark Removal

  • Minor Scratch Removal

From $250

Stage 2 Includes:

  • ​Hand Wash & Clay Bar Treatment

  • Rims Cleaned

  • Decontamination 

  • Heavy Swirl Mark Removal

  • Medium-Heavy Scratch Removal

From $350

Ceramic Coating


Top Tier Ceramic Shield Formula

  • Durability - Designed to last for 3-5 years with correct maintenance 

  • Protection - Designed to act as a barrier to protect your clear coat and paint from natural environment contaminants such as UV rays, oxidization, temperature, bird droppings, acid rain and tree sap.

  • Gloss - Designed to enhance the gloss and shine by acting as a glass barrier to your clear coat and paint.

  • Extremely hydrophobic which will make cleaning your car a breeze!


Vehicle Pricing:


Motorcycle     $350

Sedan                $500

CUV/SUV          $650

Rims Pricing:

Front Face       $150

Full Rims          $250

*Note - Paint correction packages are only available in combination of our ceramic coating service

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